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DBS Checks for Overseas Applicants

DBS Checks are a huge part of the recruitment process for a wide range of industries - think about it,  in July 2018 the Disclosure and Barring Service received over 295,301 applications alone. A DBS check on a potential employee is a crucial tool for employers, as...

DBS Checks for Overseas applicants

What Are Barred Lists? Everything You Need to Know

DBS barred lists are maintained by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). These lists aim to help organisations recruit safely and protect those they may be working with. There are two main types of DBS barred lists. One includes a list of people who have been...

Barred Lists

How Will Brexit Impact Safeguarding?

With the deadline of the UK’s impending exit from the EU just weeks away, it’s already clear that Brexit has already had an effect, especially in the recruitment, employment and retention of EU nationals in the UK workforce. Alongside this, there is a lot of...

How Will Brexit Impact Safeguarding?

Academic study condemns criminal record tick box

An academic study undertaken by Dr Beth Weaver at Strathclyde University has been released and found that the criminal record tick box on job applications does little to predict whether an individual could potentially re-offend. Speaking to the BBC news, Weaver...

Differences Between Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks

What jobs require DBS checks?

If you’re starting out on your career path or looking to change jobs then you might want to consider what legal requirements or background checks are required for the position you’re looking to join. There are a number of types of jobs in the UK that will require a...

What jobs require DBS checks

Supreme Court rejects government appeal against minor convictions

The supreme court has rejected Home Office appeals over a criminal record scheme which has seen many people lose jobs because of past convictions they received as young offenders. The judges overruled the government scheme in favour of individuals who said their...

Safeguarding Children, Young People and Adults at Risk

Glossary of Safeguarding Terminology

A Abuse Abuse covers every form of ‘abuse’, Including sexual, emotional, psychological, material, financial, physical, discriminatory, organisational abuse and any acts of omission. ACPO ACPO stands for the Association of Chief Police Officers. The ACPO develops...


What Does An Enhanced DBS Check Show?

A majority of people are familiar with the term “DBS Check”. The Disclosure and Barring Service check allows employers to ensure the credibility of potential employees by checking their criminal history for cautions, warning, reprimands and convictions. However...

enhanced dbs checks

What is a DBS Check? | Ask our experts for the best advice

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