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Can I be a care worker with a criminal record?

Organisations that offer care services have a duty of care to those they are working with, particularly if they fall within a vulnerable group. Therefore, they must be rigorous in their checks to ensure that no employees pose a risk. If you’ve always dreamed of...

Can I be a care worker with a criminal record?

What to do with the findings of a DBS check

Whether you are awaiting the results of a Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS check for a potential employee, you will, of course, be hoping that the report comes back clear so that you can sign contracts and get your candidate working as soon as possible.  But what do...

What will show up on a DBS check?

DBS checks can be a daunting arena for those new to the system. As an employer, you are entitled to make a DBS check request; however, you cannot simply apply for the highest level of check unless the role you are recruiting for falls within the eligibility...

whats in a dbs check

How To Communicate With Older People

Communication is an integral part of everyday life. From birth, babies communicate by crying; parents teach their young children the ABCs of life to develop communication skills and adults converse daily with colleagues, family and the general public. But imagine...

communicating with elderly

What Is Safeguarding & Why Is It Important?

Sadly, abuse is prevalent in society and often it is the most vulnerable people that are commonly victims of abuse. It is a basic human right for a person to live in a safe environment away from harm or abuse and they should, in no circumstances, be exploited....


Santa is coming to town…but does he need a DBS Check?

This year has been quite the rollercoaster; loved ones were struck down by COVID-19, important plans were postponed when the nation went into lockdown and families were separated for months at a time, but as the festive season beckons,  people are hoping they can...


DBS Filtering – What is it and how is it changing?

Previously, DBS checks or CRB checks disclosed all information relating to an applicants history, whatever that conviction, reprimand, warning or conviction was or however old it was. But in May 2013 the DBS filtering rules were introduced which meant minor...

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