DBS Checks For Security Guards

Care Check provides DBS checks for companies employing security guards. Everything is handled online for a swift process at an unbeatable price.

dbs checks for security guards

Security guard positions are considered to be frontline work. Sufficient checks ensure the safety of everyone involved, from colleagues to members of the public.

If you are unsure whether the security-related role you are recruiting for requires a DBS check, please get in touch with us for legislative advice.

Types of DBS checks for a security job

Anyone applying for a security job must first obtain an SIA licence, which includes a background check. Once you have received your licence, you will need to renew it before it expires.

Once an employer has offered a candidate a security guard role, a Standard DBS check is carried out. This check will surface cautions, criminal convictions, warnings or reprimands against an individual. These include both spent and unspent convictions.

There are occasions when a security role will require an Enhanced DBS check. This check will show any spent and unspent convictions, as well as warnings, cautions and reprimands. If the role requires you to work around children or vulnerable adults, the check will most likely also include the barring lists.

Both checks can only be requested by an employer or the recruitment agency operating on behalf of an employer.

If a security worker obtains a job at a shop, shopping centre or pub, they will only be eligible for a Basic DBS check, which they can apply for themselves. This will uncover any unspent convictions.

Who needs a DBS check in the security sector?

Everyone operating in a frontline security position is subject to a DBS check. This includes security guards, door supervisors and bodyguards etc. The level of check will depend on who the security guard will be working around. 

Standard DBS Checks For Security Roles

The majority of security-related roles will require a standard DBS check unless the role involves any regulated activity. That type of role will require a higher level check.

Enhanced DBS Checks For Security Roles In Hospitals

Any security guard roles requested by a medical centre or hospital will require a Standard DBS check.

Enhanced DBS Checks For Security Roles In Schools

If a security guard accepts a job to work in a school working within school hours they are considered to be working in a regulated activity. This makes them eligible for a higher level check, which may include checking the children’s barred list.

If the role is scheduled for out of school hours and there will be no contact with children, a standard check may be sufficient. The school will have to legally justify their decision before they can request a higher level check.

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Why Choose Care Check For Your DBS Check?

Care Check is one of the top 8 criminal record check providers in the UK and a leading umbrella body for the Disclosure and Barring Service. We process all levels of DBS checks at an extremely competitive rate and offer legislative advice where necessary. 

Everything is handled online, from completing the application to downloading the report and monitoring when a check should be updated. Our smart system ensures there are no mistakes, which historically delays the checking process. We authorise more than 100,000 DBS checks each year, with 65% of checks being returned within 24 hours. 

We understand how important data is, particularly safekeeping. Not only are we Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, but all of the data given to us is also stored within an IOS27001 secure centre.

For more information or to request legislative advice, call us on 0333 777 8585.

dbs checks for security guards

Frequently asked questions about background checks for security guards

65% of our checks are returned within 24 hours and 85% are completed within five working days.

However, the length of time required to carry out a DBS check for a security guard will depend on several factors. Usually, background checks take longer to complete because:

  • There are mistakes in the application form 
  • A more comprehensive fact check is required
  • There is a backlog

A DBS check is requested before you can obtain an SIA licence to ascertain whether you are suitable for the level of responsibility required for this type of licence and whether you are a risk to the public or have a history of dishonest behaviour.

However, a criminal record does not instantly preclude you from obtaining a licence. The decision-maker will take into account:

  • How relevant the offence was to security work
  • How long ago the crime was
  • Any sentences of disposals given due to the offence

You can find more information here.

There is no official answer to this question, however, the SIA states that it could take up to 25 working days. This could be even longer if any issues are uncovered during the process.

Even after you have obtained your SIA licence and begun working in a security role, you are always at risk of losing your badge if:

  • You are found not to have the correct training qualifications but claimed you do.
  • You breach any of the conditions that allow you to hold a licence.
  • You are given a caution, warning, conviction, conditional or absolute discharge etc. for a relevant offence.
  • It is uncovered that you have been operating with a licence without the right to work in the UK.
  • You are detained or some other compulsory action is taken against you due to a mental health disorder.

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