DBS Checks For Recruitment Agencies

Care Check provides DBS checks for recruitment agencies. From Basic to Enhanced checks, everything is handled online for a fast process at an unbeatable price.

DBS Checks For Recruitment Agencies

When applying through a recruitment agency, you may be requested to complete a DBS application form as part of the pre-employment checks. Whether this is processed or not will depend on whether you are offered the position. This will help you commence your employment sooner, providing your DBS check comes back clear or with a history that does not preclude you from working in a  position. 

What level of DBS checks can recruitment agencies ask for?

Depending on the position you are applying for, a recruitment agency can request you complete the application form for a Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS check, potentially including the barring list.

A Basic DBS check would reveal any unspent convictions against you. Your recruitment agency can request this level of check regardless of whether or not the role requires it.

A Standard DBS check is a more in-depth search and will uncover any warnings, cautions, reprimands and criminal convictions (both spent and unspent) against you. 

There are two types of Enhanced DBS check: Enhanced with and without the barring list. For a recruitment agency to request this level of check, the role must specify that you will be involved in a regulated activity.

Who needs a DBS check in the recruitment sector?

While a basic check can be requested for any role, to request a higher level check the position must meet specific guidelines.

Basic DBS Checks For Recruitment Agencies

Candidates applying to work for the recruitment agency itself, do not need a DBS check. However, as they will have access to private data and their advice can directly impact a candidates career, the employer may want a Basic DBS check completed.

Standard DBS Checks For Recruitment Agencies

Standard checks are usually requested for candidates applying for positions within: 

prisons /security

financial services/ government buildings

 healthcare establishments

where they may come into incidental contact with individuals that fall into a vulnerable group.

Enhanced DBS Checks For Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialising in healthcare or teaching, for example, will most likely request an Enhanced check. This includes the barring list, but is dependent on who you will be in contact with on a day-to-day basis. 

Other roles may require an Enhanced level check, but whether a recruitment agency can request these checks, including the barring list, is subject to eligibility.

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Why Choose Care Check For Your DBS Check?

Recruitment agencies, particularly those specialising in health care and teaching recruitment, will process a large volume of DBS checks and likely hold even more applications. 

When you partner with Care Check, all applications, checks and certificates are safely stored on our online database. This makes it easier than ever to manage the process. Additionally, because everything is carried out electronically using our smart system, errors, which historically slow down processing, are eradicated. Over 65% of the checks we complete are returned within 24 hours and 85% are returned within five working days, helping to get candidates placed as quickly as possible. 

DBS Checks For Recruitment Agencies

We understand how important it is to keep data safe and secure. All of the data stored with us is held within an IOS27001 secure centre, and we are Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. 

Call us on 0333 777 8585 for more information, legislative advice or to begin the process.

Frequently asked questions about pre-employment screening for recruitment agencies

While it is not a legal requirement for a company to perform DBS checks, some organisations require a check to meet regulatory requirements. A recruitment agency can request a basic DBS check on behalf of an employer for any role. However, it is mandatory that schools, health care companies or other employers who operate within a regulated activity thoroughly vet their candidates with an appropriate check before employment commences. A recruitment agency can assist with this.

Whether you commence employment before your DBS check is complete is at the discretion of your employer. On occasion, your current DBS check may be accepted while your updated check is pending. This should only be done when your new position is the same as your previous role. However, we always recommend an updated check is completed as DBS checks are only relevant up until the moment the certificate is issued. 

Over 65% of our checks are returned within 24 hours, in these circumstances, we believe it is worth waiting for the updated check to be returned to ensure the safety of everyone you will be working with.

Some of the activities listed in your criminal record will eventually be removed. How long this takes depends on several factors, such as the individual’s age at the time of criminal activity and the severity of the charge. 

Some records, such as those that include violent crime or serious sexual offences, will never be removed from a candidates record. It is worth noting that some crimes may still be listed on a candidate’s record, but will be filtered out.

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