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Care Check’s e-Bulk Platform can be linked with your own HR software via an API for free. We’re committed to making your systems more seamless than ever before. 

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Why Integrate your HR Software via API

For those who qualify as  ‘high volume’ users to our  DBS Checking service; you can integrate your in house HR software with our e-Bulk Sytems via the use of  our API.

Integrating your HR Software could save you huge amounts of additional work with form filling while also keeping DBS records in a single place along with other relevant HR or screening information.


Unlike many of our competitors, here at Care Check  we will provide this API Integration for Free. 

This will potentially save your organisation thousands of pounds in fees, as well as an incredible amount of time.

In addition, organisations who integrate our e-Bulk system with your HR software will be able to access some of our lowest admin fee bands. 

Both these factors together can save our clients huge amounts of money annually on both integration and application processing.

For more information about our service or to arrange a demo,  call the team on 0333 777 8575, speak to web chat, email info@carecheck.co.uk or request a call back at a time convenient to you. 


We provide DBS checks for all industries including: