DBS Checks For Charities

Care Check provides DBS checks for charities which cover workers, volunteers and trustees. Everything is handled online for a swift process at an unbeatable price, with basic and enhanced DBS checks are completed in less than 24 hours.

DBS Checks For Charities & Volunteers

DBS checks for charities are quite common as many organisations are required to put safeguarding measures in place. It applies to any charity working with vulnerable groups and ensures only suitable staff and volunteers are hired. If you require any assistance in setting up an account with us, please get in touch. We can support your volunteers with DBS checks.

Level of checks for charity workers and volunteers

Employees or volunteers operating in a charity setting will be eligible for a Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS check. However, a person’s eligibility will depend on the nature of their specific role, rather than the charity as a whole.

Anyone working closely with a vulnerable group (children, adults or vulnerable) will qualify for an Enhanced DBS check. This is a comprehensive criminal record check, comprising Enhanced with Barring List or Enhanced without Barring List. This CRB check can be performed in less than 24 hour.

In contrast, those working at a charity shop may only be required to undergo a Basic DBS check. The basic DBS volunteer check is available to all UK residents, employers, volunteers and individuals.

Who needs a DBS check in the charity sector?

Understanding who is eligible for each level of check depends on the charity’s nature and the job role in question. The charitable organisation must consider two things when making their decision:

  • The nature of the charity if the charity works with vulnerable adults or children, this is likely to affect eligibility when it comes to DBS checks.
  • The nature of the role – Enhanced DBS checks, for example, can only be requested for people whose role involves regulated activity with children or/and vulnerable adults.



DBS Checks For Charity Trustees

Trustees of charities would usually be eligible for an Enhanced DBS check. This level of check will provide information about convictions (both spent and unspent) and warnings or cautions the trustee has against them.

DBS Checks For Charity Volunteers

Anyone taking on a voluntary role will also be subject to a DBS check. Even if the individual isn’t engaging in regulated activity with a vulnerable group, the charity will still have to check their DBS eligibility under government legislation.  

If an applicant meets the requirements of a DBS volunteer check, the associated fee is waived. 

DBS Checks For Charity Workers

There are several charity roles that require a DBS check, including: retail workers in a charity shop, fundraiser , telephone helpline worker, elderly care roles, faith-based positions and charity driver.

Any roles that do not include working with a vulnerable group may still require a Basic DBS check.

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Why Choose Care Check For Your DBS Check?

We are a leading umbrella body for the DBS and have been identified as one of the top 15 providers for criminal record checks within the UK. We process over 130,000 checks every year and, thanks to our online process, can provide a speedy service.

We are Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and all our data is held within an IOS27001 secure centre, so feel assured that you are safe in our hands. 

DBS Checks For Charities & Volunteers

Frequently asked questions about online DBS checks for charities

Regulated activity is a broad term, but this usually covers those working in close contact with vulnerable groups. For example, driving a vehicle with passengers from vulnerable groups is classed as a regulated activity. 

If a volunteer or care worker does not fit the eligibility criteria for either a Standard or Enhanced DBS check, you can request a Basic DBS check. This will highlight any unspent convictions.

Charity DBS checks are free for volunteer checks, which we can process for you. However, it is worth noting that a small administration fee and VAT ranging between £5 and £10 is required.

When moving from one charity to another, whether or not a person can transfer the current DBS certificate depends entirely on the new role. If any of the responsibilities have changed, this could result in the employer not having access to the level of check required to safeguard the people you will be working with. 

It is also worth noting that DBS checks at any level are only accurate up to the point the certificate is issued. Therefore, additional checks need to be carried out frequently.

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