E-Bulk DBS System

How bulk online DBS applications work

At Care Check, we have chosen to forgo the original paper route to provide online applications via the DBS e-Bulk application interface.

E-Bulk Systems allow applicants to complete their applications online. Once the form has been completed and signed off by Personnel Checks, it is submitted to the Criminal Record Bureau using E-Bulk.

E-Bulk is a secure, encrypted connection, meaning you can trust that all your information will be safe and protected.

Online DBS Checks

Why Use An E-Bulk System?

The benefits of using an E-Bulk DBS System is that possible errors are eliminated during the application process because the system will identify the problem before submission and ensure the applicant amends it. This results in faster turnaround times for DBS applications and DBS adult first checks.

The e-Bulk service is completely paperless and has revolutionised the way our clients process their DBS applications. No forms need to be submitted and no signatures are required. However, if a client does not wish to utilise the e-Bulk route, we do offer the traditional paper route.

E-Bulk DBS – How Do They Work?

Step 1

The applicant completes the initial application and saves the information.

Step 2

The applicant is instructed to produce original ID documentation to the employer for verification – the full list of acceptable documents are listed here: ID Guidance.

Step 3

The employer will access the Applicant Manager system and verify the documents. It is imperative that three ID documents are inputted as the e-Bulk system will not accept the information and allow the user to proceed if only two documents are inputted.

Step 4

Once the employer has saved the information and approved the application, it will transfer immediately to the team at Care Check who will review the application and check for any amendments. We will then countersign the application.

Step 5

The application will be queued for transfer to the DBS on the next available transfer slot, which takes place three times daily at 10am, 12pm and 6pm. For basic checks, the transfer times are slightly different and have only two transfer times of 8am and 2pm.

How Long Does An E-Bulk DBS Take?

Care Check delivers a speedy service and our enhanced DBS check completion time beats many of our competitors. Generally 60 percent of enhanced applications are completed within 24 hours, however, 85 percent of all applications are completed within 5 days. This timescale also applies to Standard level checks.

Basic checks also have a fast turnaround with 85 percent processing in as little as 12 hours, but some can take up to 2 working days.

Care Check’s transfer timescales are also super-fast. Within moments of receiving an application, one of the team will review and countersign it. This is reassuring for the client knowing that the application has been dealt with immediately. No application is sat waiting for countersignatory authorisation for longer than 15 minutes.

In theory, an application can be submitted in the morning, transferred by midday and be completed by the evening – now that is fast!

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