Pre-Employment Screening

The Care Check pre-employment screening service, powered by Konfir, will quickly and easily enable you to confirm  your candidates are legally allowed to work in the UK, and meet your job requirements going you the ultimate protection at the time when you need it most.

Don’t put your business at risk with another bad hire, safeguard your recruitment processes today. 

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Instant Employment Verification

Verifying a candidate’s employment history, qualifications and right to work in the UK doesn’t need to be the time-consuming challenge for hiring managers that it used to be. 

Through our partnership with Konfir, your future hiring processes will be secure, reliable, fast and stress-free. Your candidates will receive a one-time access invite through their bank, HMRC logins or payroll provider; allowing us to quickly and efficiently verify the employment history, education and right to work of your candidates.

Our pre-employment screening will enable you to remove the roadblocks and bottlenecks in your hiring process so that you can hire the candidate you need without delay; saving you time and money.

Unsure what pre-employment screening could do for your business?

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Pre-Employment Screening Price List


£28.50 per check
  • Government Certified
  • Fast & Secure
  • Easy To Use


£26.10 per check
  • Government Certified
  • Fast & Secure
  • Easy To Use


£23.70 per check
  • Government Certified
  • Fast & Secure
  • Easy To Use


£22.50 per check
  • Government Certified
  • Fast & Secure
  • Easy To Use

Should the above checks not cover your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us for an industry specific bespoke check on 0333 777 8575

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Pre-Employment Screening FAQs

Whether you are the owner of the business, the hiring manager, a leader or part of the HR team you’ll know that a comprehensive screening process is paramount in protecting you from future employee issues.

Here are some questions we hear all the time:

A pre-employment check includes details such as the name of the employer, the start date, end date, and where available, a job title.

While the Konfir application can be used anywhere in the world, our candidate employment data coverage is only for candidates who have employment history in the UK.

Verifying your candidate’s employment history will confirm the accuracy of a candidate’s work experience, reduce the risk of fraudulent claims, and comply with regulatory requirements. This will enable you to make smarter hiring decisions.

A Gap in Employment check identifies periods where the candidate was not employed, providing dates and durations of such gaps. Where possible, insights into the candidates circumstances through this period will also be provided.