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A Basic DBS check (also known as Basic Disclosure) is a background check into an individual’s history in order to reveal any unspent convictions, and are available to anyone for any reason. For example, if you are applying for a specific job role that doesn’t require a DBS check, your potential employer can still request this level disclosure as part of their employment policy.

Care Check offer a Basic Disclosures service for organisations that need to obtain basic background checks for their staff. Increased compliance has caused a rise in the number of employers requesting different levels of DBS checks, especially Basic DBS Disclosures, to ensure safety within the workplace and to protect their organisation from possible internal threats. It also makes for a smooth recruitment process.

While we do not provide basic DBS checks to individuals, Care Check provide basic DBS disclosures to employers in all industry sectors including:

  • Warehouses /factories
  • Offices based jobs
  • Retail
  • Hospitality / leisure
  • Security
  • Domestic housekeeping

Basic Disclosures

As a business owner, it is only natural that you would want to protect your business from any safeguarding issues or potential threats. Many employers shield themselves from burglary, however, they ignore internal threats from their own staff and this can be detrimental to a business, specifically if an employee has gained access to sensitive data.

Benefits of Basic checks for employers:

  1. Peace of mind for the business owner
  2. Reduces the risk of internal fraud
  3. Stock protection
  4. Reduces employee theft
  5. Improves safety within the workplace
  6. Ensures recruitment process is efficient and productive

A Basic DBS Disclosure entails a search of the PNC for all the details of current convictions, but the certificate result will only reveal unspent convictions and conditional cautions. If a conviction becomes spent any time after a certificate has been issued, this will not be disclosed.

How long does it take for a Basic DBS Check to be approved?

When you choose Care Check to undertake basic DBS checks for your employees, the application process is very straightforward; the majority of Basic applications are completed within 24-48 hours, however, on occasion some applications can take up to 14 days to process if there are internal queries.

How does the Basic DBS process work?

  • an organisation would register here and a company account would be set up within 15 minutes. The HR users on the account would be sent login details as well as an organisation reference.
  • The applicant would complete the application form and produce ID documents to their employer.
  • The employer would then complete the ID verification, approve the application and submit it to us.
  • Care Check will oversee the application, countersign it and send it off to the DBS for processing.
  • The application then completes and the employer receives a completion notification; a hard copy certificate is later produced.

How Much Does A Basic DBS Check Cost?

We offer competitive prices with Basic DBS Disclosures starting from as little as £28.00 depending on company volumes. To see our full pricing list, please click here full pricing.

If you have any questions regarding Basic disclosures, please call us today on 0333 777 8575 or alternatively you can email us on

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