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11 things you shouldn’t put on social media if you want a new job

Social Media Checks - Everything you need to know

In the age of digital footprints, while CV’s can give you a good indication of a prospective employee’s capability to deliver the job based on their previous experience and qualifications; they no longer tell the whole story.

Pre-employment screening tools like social media background checks can be used to dive deeper, and help to mitigate the risks that a bad hiring decision could have on the business offering the role.

What are Social Media Checks? 

Social media checks deep dive into an individual’s online presence to glean valuable insights beyond the carefully curated confines of a CV. They involve scouring publicly available information across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even niche forums or blogs, painting a holistic picture of an applicant giving the prospective employer an understanding of:

Professional Demeanor – Are they active in relevant industry groups? Do they share informative content or engage in constructive discussions?
Communication Skills – How do they interact online? Are they respectful and professional, or prone to negativity or inflammatory language?
Values and Cultural Fit – Do their online activities align with your company’s values and culture? This could involve assessing their engagement with social causes, community involvement or personal interest. 
Identifying Red Flags – Any history of discriminatory behaviour, illegal activity, or reputational damage could be unearthed through careful analysis of their online footprint.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

Why are Social Media Checks important? 

Think of it as an extra layer of due diligence, providing valuable context to traditional background checks. Some of the primary reasons why social media background checks are becoming more prevalent and valuable are:

Enhanced Candidate Assessment – Social Media Checks offer a window into an applicant’s personality, work ethic, and even hidden skills that might not be readily apparent on a CV.
Brand Protection – Hiring someone with a negative online presence or questionable personal values can damage your company’s reputation and brand image, particularly if the prospective candidate is in a public-facing or senior role. 

Reduced Risk of Fraud – Uncovering discrepancies between online and offline personas can help identify potential fraudsters or individuals with inaccurate credentials, which is particularly important when considering candidates for finance roles
Improved Cultural Fit – A strong social media presence that aligns with your company culture can indicate a higher chance of a successful and engaged employee. 

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. Social media checks are becoming more commonplace in the UK, but must be conducted ethically and legally, respecting privacy and avoiding discriminatory practices.
Some of the key considerations when carrying out social media checks are:
Focus on Public Information – Only analyse publicly available content, without resorting to hacking or unethical data collection methods.
Clear Policies – Have a well-defined social media screening policy in place, outlining the scope and purpose of such checks.
Transparency – Inform candidates about the possibility of social media checks being conducted as part of the background verification process.
Fairness and Objectivity – Avoid making hasty judgements based on isolated online posts or personal opinions. Focus on objective patterns and red flags that align with your specific concerns. 

Social media checks, when conducted responsibly and ethically are a powerful tool for making informed hiring decisions in today’s dynamic job market. By delving beyond the surface of a CV, you gain valuable insights into an applicant’s true self, enhancing your chances of finding the perfect fit for your team.

When looking for a social media background check provider, considerations are much the same as when looking for a DBS provider. Some of the most important considerations are shared in the blog here

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