DBS Checks For Drivers

Care Check provides DBS checks for delivery drivers, taxi or private hire drivers and more. Everything is handled online at an unbeatable price.

dbs checks for drivers

Whether delivering food and goods to doorsteps, driving a bus, coach, taxi or private hire car, or assisting the NHS and schools; you may need to undergo a DBS check (formerly known as a CRB check). This will ensure the safety of the passengers you are transporting or the goods you are delivering. 

Care Check are able to offer advice on the level of check required for each role as well as legislative advice. Please get in touch for assistance.

DBS checks for driving job roles

There are generally two types of DBS checks for people applying for a driving job. A Basic DBS check will highlight any unspent convictions against your name, whereas an Enhanced DBS check will dig deeper, uncovering the same information as in a basic check as well as warnings, cautions and reprimands. An Enhanced check that includes either the children’s or adult’s barring list will also highlight whether you are legally allowed to work with either vulnerable group. 

The level of check an employer is eligible to request will depend on the type of job and level of interaction with the public.

Who needs a DBS check in the delivery and driving sector?

Anyone driving a vehicle, which includes interacting with members of the public, are eligible for a DBS background check as part of the recruitment process. This includes:

However, it is vital that employers understand what level of check they can legally request for a new employee.

Basic DBS Checks For Delivery Jobs

Delivery drivers, whether it’s goods or food from the local supermarket, are eligible for a basic DBS check, as they will have minimal contact with the public, but will be in possession of goods. You will want to know whether there are any unspent convictions that are relevant to the role, such as theft, for example.

Enhanced DBS Checks For NHS Delivery Jobs

Delivery drivers operating on behalf of the NHS, which includes delivering medicines and controlled drugs as well as entering a person’s household. These are grouped within the health care category and are eligible for an Enhanced check.


Basic DBS Checks For Bus & Coach Drivers

Bus or coach drivers are eligible for a Basic DBS check only. Although they may come into contact with vulnerable groups, this role is not considered to be a regulated activity. Therefore the role is not suitable for a higher level check unless it is for specific home to school transport contracts where the driver may be responsible for the children on the vehicle.

Enhanced DBS Checks For Vulnerable Group Drivers

If a driver works on behalf of a school or a care home, for example, and will be transporting children or patients from one place to another, they are eligible for an Enhanced DBS check, which includes the barring lists. 

School drivers will be checked against the children’s barred list and individuals transporting elderly people will be checked against the Adult’s barred list.

Enhanced DBS Checks For Taxi Drivers

Whether a person is a public or private taxi driver, they cannot begin work without obtaining a taxi licence. This process includes providing a DBS check that is less than three months old. 

Taxi drivers must now undergo an Enhanced DBS check, however It is not possible for an individual to apply for an Enhanced check against themselves. Instead, the licensing authority will have to make the request on your behalf. This should be at an Enhanced level with checks for both barring lists.

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Why Choose Care Check For Your Transport DBS Check?

We are a leading umbrella body for the Disclosure and Barring Service and are one of the top 8 criminal record check providers in the UK. Additionally, we are Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, and all of the data given to us is stored within an IOS27001 secure centre. That means you never have to worry about the security of your data.

dbs checks for drivers
dbs checks for drivers

Whether you are looking to submit multiple DBS checks simultaneously as part of a large recruitment drive, or simply applying for one check for a successful job applicant, our online system is easy to use. Application are easy to submit; you can track the progress, view and download the report and see when the last check was submitted in our online platform. 

Thanks to our smart systems, mistakes that slow down the checking process are eradicated. This permits an employee to begin working sooner rather than later. Everything is handled online and we can return 65% of checks within 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions about online DBS checks for drivers

While minor offences such as speeding will not show up on a DBS check, there are some offences that will. These include:

  • Driving drunk
  • Excessive speeding
  • Driving without insurance

However, these will only show up on a DBS check if they have been handled through a court. You have to declare very serious convictions such as death by dangerous driving.

An instant driving ban can last anything from seven days to six months, depending on the circumstances. However, only the most serious criminal driving offences, such as causing death by dangerous driving, will show up on your criminal record. 

Motoring offences that show up on a criminal record will stay there for five years or more, at which point they will become ‘spent’. 

Your offence may be filtered out after a certain time.

Whether a driving ban is considered a criminal conviction depends on the circumstances. Bans that do not involve a court are not considered to be criminal convictions. Any driving ban that did involve the court, however, are considered criminal convictions.

There are two barred lists, one for children and one for vulnerable adults. The list includes people who have been legally banned from regulated activity in one, or both, of these lists. An employer will only be able to request to check whether you are on this list when they apply for an Enhanced DBS check and if the role involves regulated activity with either of these groups.

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