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Digital Identity Checks

Digital Identity Checks can automatically verify passports, biometric ID cards and driving licences from more than 200 countries.

What are Digital Identity Checks?

Digital Identity Checks are a comprehensive digital method of verifying prospective employees’ identities quickly and accurately. Prospective employees’ will no longer need to show physical identity documents as information can be collected and collated digitally.

The Disclosure and Barring Service as well as the Home Office updated their legislation to allow Digital Identity Checks to be delivered. Here at Care Check we are integrating Digital Identity Checks into your Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks. Check an applicants ID electronically, within minutes by sending the applicant an invite via our eBulk system. They take a selfie, some pictures of their documents and then our digital ID partners Trust ID send the result back in to our system. No hard copy documents, no face to face ID  validation! This process, easy, secure and far more reliable than the original, outdated DBS ID checking guidelines.

How can Digital Identity Checks Help Me?

The recruitment process for any business is critical. Hiring the right employee could transform your organisation and its ability to deliver great service or output. Hiring the wrong employee could end up costing you a lot more than the salary that person is paid. While you will often be able to ‘weed-out’ candidates who are not a good fit for your business in the interview process; interviews and CV’s are not going to protect you from fraud or other issues further down the line.

Identity checking should be a critical part of all recruitment processes. If you are operating in industries such as banking and charity where handling money is part of the daily routine, or in industries such as social care and education where working with minors and vulnerable people is part of your day-to-day, you should be employing Identity Checks as part of your vetting process.

The core advantages of Digital Identity Checks as part of the pre-employment process, when compared to manual checking, include:

  • Saving Time – uploading the candidate documents into our platform enables pre-employment checks to be completed in minutes with little human effort.
  • Accuracy of Feedback – the automated scanning and analysis of biometric data removes the possibility of human oversight, and human error, which means the accuracy of your pre-employment checks will increase significantly.
  • Depth of Check – a Digital Identity Check has the capacity to check passports, driving licences, and residence permits from over 200 countries, making it easier to qualify your candidate whether they are a long time British resident or not.

How long do the results take, and how do I get them?

Digital Identity Checks take just a couple of seconds to request using our easy-use service within eBulk, and results could be available as quickly as 2 minutes. Using our online platform you’ll be able to easily check the status of the application as it progresses. We also generate an automatic notification as soon as a check is complete to reduce your wait time. The applicant fills their form, you validate the ID and decide whether you wish to take the digital or traditional ID route. Once the digital ID check is complete the result lands within the ID validation section of your dashboard. 

How Much Do Digital ID Checks Cost?

Digital ID Checks via Care Check carry a flat rate of £3.85 per check inclusive of VAT. Unlike our DBS Checks, we don’t work on thresholds so whether you’re submitting 1Digital ID Check check or a 1000 the price remains the same, competitive rate ensuring all of our clients can take advantage of this new, up to date, streamlined and time saving process. 

What is TrustID?

TrustID are a government certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) and the industry leading experts in Right to Work services. By using Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT), TrustID’s services help to streamline your Right to Work compliance. Applicants can simply upload their identity documents and capture a selfie anytime and from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. TrustID use a unique combination of technology and expert human support to confirm an employee’s Right to Work status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have integrated the capacity to carry out Digital Identity Checks into our existing platform. So you will be able to select Digital Identity Checks within the DBS application process.

The Digital Identity Check process is an alternative pre-employment verification method that is designed to replace (with more accuracy) the more tradition method of verifying applicants’ identity, by checking documents manually. Digital Identity Checks will increase HR efficiency and accuracy, but if you are attached to the traditions of business you can still manually verify documents as part of your pre-employment process.

Here at CareCheck we have document and data security as the cornerstone of our service. The Technology we’re using is certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 information security standards and security controls and the compliance is regularly audited using the ISAE 300 (SOC2) methodology. The service is secure.

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