DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

Care Check is a leading umbrella body for the Disclosure and Barring Service and has been named one of the top 8 providers for criminal record checks in the UK.

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What Is A DBS Umbrella Body?

A DBS Umbrella Body is a service that acts on behalf of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to process all criminal record applications for businesses, private and public organisations. Employers cannot apply to the DBS directly for a criminal record check, which is why umbrella bodies, such as Care Check, exist to process DBS checks. 

Every DBS Umbrella Body countersigns all applications on behalf of others who are not registered and must take the right steps to ensure all Disclosure information passed on observes the Code of Practice.

What DBS Checks can an Umbrella Body Complete?

DBS Umbrella bodies can process every level of check: Basic DBS Checks, Standard DBS Checks and Enhanced DBS Checks. A body can also carry out DBS Adult First applications. DBS Checks were formerly known as CRB checks.

Care Check is one of the top 15 providers of DBS checks in the UK, meaning we have a very close connection with the DBS regarding developments and changes that could happen. The moment we find out any changes to the DBS process, we pass this information directly to our customers because changes to regulations can affect DBS Checks from organisations or individuals.

Working with a DBS Umbrella Company

When applying for a standard or enhanced DBS check, there’s no variation in the application process for the users whether they’re dealing directly with the employer or using an Umbrella body. The application form is the same.

The Umbrella Body will cover all administrative duties on behalf of the employer before submitting the application over to the DBS. Once the Police have completed their checks, the certificate will be sent to the candidate.

At Care Check, applicants can log into the site to see the progress of their DBS check through our application tracking service.

Advantages of using a DBS Umbrella Company

From an employer’s standpoint, outsourcing DBS checks remove the workload from their own staff so they can focus on other tasks. It also means an expert team is looking after DBS applications who specialise in this field. They will have the right systems in place to spot any errors. They can also give employers advice and guidance without them having to go to the DBS helpline.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

What makes a good DBS Umbrella Body?

If you’re looking for a good DBS Umbrella Body, there are certain things you have to consider. You should always find a solution that matches your needs. There are various companies to choose from, but there are certain things to look out for when making your choice. 

1. All personal information is kept safe

One of the most important elements of a good DBS Umbrella Body, it’s best to ensure the company has secure and robust IT systems to process sensitive information alongside employing appropriate data protection strategies. Reputable companies should have an ISO 27001 registered ‘Information Security System’ or an equivalent where they have been inspected by an external organisation.

2. Is full guidance provided at the point of need?

When filling out the application form, applicants and/or the employer have to enter detailed information. This can be quite complicated, especially when working out which documentation is allowed if you don’t have certain documents. Can the Umbrella company provide guidance to ensure the form has been entered correctly and pinpoint any errors or omissions?

The company must also be able to verify if an applicant’s ID by checking common security features and identifying if a document is fraudulent. The system used by the company should also check to see if the data on ID documents match the information placed on the form. If the company does all the above, then it is following a compliant process.

3. Is a Follow-Up Process Included?

Submitting a DBS application is just one part of the process. The company must ensure applicants can complete the form and have done so with the required documents. They must also be available to answer any questions an applicant may have before proceeding with the process.

Once submitted, the Umbrella organisation must inform the applicant they have received the application. There shouldn’t belong backlogs of checks waiting to be processed, as that can leave clients with workforce issues. The best Umbrella companies should be able to do a follow-up process without the client prompting them to do it.

4. Being Charged the Correct Fee

The UK Government decides the price for DBS checks. As of 1st October 2019, these are the following prices for DBS checks:

  • Basic DBS Check – £23
  • Standard DBS Check – £23
  • Enhanced DBS Check – £40

Umbrella companies will charge an administration fee and VAT on top but will offer reasonable bulk packages when you need to submit more than just a few at a time. Any company charging more for the DBS checks themselves are likely not to be trusted.

5. Hidden Fees

As mentioned above, admin fees and VAT will be added to your checks, however, this should be made clear on their website, over the phone or through the online processing system. There should be no hidden fees at all when registering with a DBS Umbrella Company, which is linked to a government body.

6. Does the Company Use E-Bulk Online Submission?

An E-Bulk DBS system allows for applicants to submit their applications online. The system also makes it easier for errors to be found, allowing the applicant to make the right amendments. The process is completed through a secure, encrypted connection to ensure all sensitive information is protected.

Care Check processes over 150,000 checks per annum, so can offer E-Bulk submissions to its customers.

If the company isn’t using E-Bulk, then it is still submitting paper applications through the post and not benefitting from the online application system.

If you’re looking to work with a DBS Umbrella company, look no further than Care Check. We offer packages at the prices you expect while offering all the support you need to get your DBS applications through. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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