DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

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The Self-Employed’s Guide To DBS Checks

DBS checks, previously known as CRB checks are necessary for a range of situations. People working with children or in caring roles are two examples of those who might require a DBS check for their job. However DBS checks are designed to be conducted through an employer. However, If you are self-employed, you may still have clients and customers who want you to have a valid DBS check in order to complete your work. With Individuals unable to apply for a Standard level check or Enhanced level check themselves, what are your options for securing a DBS check and when should you get one?

How Can I Get a DBS Check for Myself If I’m Self-Employed?

A self-employed person can get a DBS check in a couple of different ways. They can get the Basic check level by applying for it themselves. If you want a Basic check you can apply for one online quickly and easily. It provides details of any unspent convictions that you have.

However, if a self-employed person needs a DBS certificate at the Standard or Enhanced level, they must get an organisation that they work with (or might be working with) to apply for it on their behalf. If you’re willing to cover the DBS application cost, many organisations are willing to help you. You might also be a member of a professional body or umbrella organisation that can help. Some might pay the DBS check price for you.

Why Can’t a Self-employed Person Get a Full DBS Check?

You might be wondering why a self-employed person can’t get a full DBS check, after all, you still might be working in a range of environments where a criminal records disclosure is important. Unfortunately DBS checks are designed for employers to check the criminal records of their staff and potential employees. Due to the important nature of some of the questions which are present on the application, an individual cannot carry out a full check on themselves.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

When Might a Self-employed Person Need a DBS Check?

There are several reasons a self-employed person might need a DBS check at different levels. If you work with vulnerable people, including children, older people or disabled people, many clients and customers will expect that you can disclose your criminal history. If you will be spending some time working in an environment with sensitive information or valuable items, your client might wish to make sure that you can be trusted. Even if you’re not an employee you might still need to demonstrate that you don’t have a criminal record.

However the person and the activity they need the DBS check for must be eligible according to the rules the DBS has set out.

What If I Can’t Get a DBS Check?

It’s not always possible to get a DBS check. For example you might be a children’s entertainer working at one off event held by private individuals, such as birthday parties. In this case there are some best practice guidelines that you can follow. For example you should make sure that you’re never alone with a child during the event.

Self-employed people can’t obtain a DBS check for themselves in the same way that an employer can. However if you want a Basic check you can apply for one here.

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