DBS Checks For Heath Care Workers

If you’re considering a healthcare career then you may be subject to background checks before you commence employment. Care Check have all the advice you may need on DBS checks for healthcare workers! If you have any questions, call us today on 0333 777 8575.

Health Care Worker DBS Eligibility

Any healthcare professional who provides personal care to a vulnerable adult or child is legally required to hold an Enhanced DBS check. This type of work is classified as ‘regulated’ activity and requires the highest level of background check.

An Enhanced DBS check is the most in-depth criminal record check and discloses all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings.

The eligibility criteria for an Enhanced DBS would need to be confirmed by defining the job role and responsibilities. The work environment and time spent in direct contact with any vulnerable person would also need to be considered.

DBS Checks for NHS Staff

Within the NHS framework, as in all care environments and services, there is a requirement for DBS checks to be undertaken for any person working in close contact, caring for or being responsible children or vulnerable adults.

Most people working in healthcare within the NHS would be required to have an Enhanced DBS check with the barring lists checked for the groups they would be working with. For example, a paediatric nurse would have an Enhanced DBS with a children’s barring list check, however, a doctor working with all groups would require an Enhanced check regulated for the child and adult barring list.

All DBS checks are requested on a case by case basis. Therefore, an employer would be required to look at the groups an applicant is working with in order to determine what regulation needs to be checked.

Persons working within the NHS who have incidental contact with patients such as maintenance, admin, domestic and catering staff would be eligible for a standard level check. Please be aware that this level check does not cover the child or adults barring lists.

DBS Checks for Self-Employed Carers

Self employed persons cannot request a Standard or Enhanced DBS check on themselves. This is due to the fact they cannot ask themselves an exempt question or validate their own identity for the purpose of the check.

However,  Basic DBS Checks (the lowest level check available) are available to those self-employed individuals. If a higher level check is required for a role, it may only be requested by an employer.


DBS checks for volunteers working in care

Most volunteers working in care will require an Enhanced DBS check, but eligibility for barring lists checks will depend on whether the volunteer would be unsupervised or not.

A volunteer is a person who is engaged in an activity which involves spending time, unpaid (except for out of pocket expenses) doing activities  with the aim to benefit an individual or group.

Volunteer eligibility is only applicable if the applicant is not benefiting from the work they are carrying out. For example, an individual on a course that requires them to volunteer, undertake work experience or work in a trainee position that will transition into a full time role or qualification would not be eligible for the volunteer rate application.


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