How Long Does A DBS Check Last?

The most common question we get asked at Care Check is ‘how long does a DBS last?’ and the answer may surprise you. 

How long does a DBS last?

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (also known as disclosure) doesn’t have an official expiry date. This is because the check’s information is valid only to the time it was carried out. 

Thus, employers must decide how often their staff needs their DBS checks to be renewed to ensure they have the most accurate information on an employee. Most authorities suggest this should take place every three years, but there is no fixed answer to “how long do DBS checks last”.

How often should a DBS check be renewed? 

Some DBS checks are an essential part of the safeguarding program, so employers must ensure all certificates are renewed regularly for best practice. If you are unsure whether your staff need their DBS checks renewed, you can refer to the issue date on the hard copy certificate for quick reference. Alternatively, when you use our system to request and store employee DBS certificates, you can quickly and easily check how long ago a DBS was renewed and plan accordingly.

While official recommendations suggest a DBS should be renewed every three years, some​ organisations have set policies surrounding when they request rechecks. This timescale can vary from six months to every two years.

If a company is regulated by a body such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or Ofsted, they would need to refer to them to see what timescales are in place.

Often employers will be required by law to carry out new checks for the child and adults barred lists depending on what type of job role the employee will be doing.

If you need any more information regarding DBS renewal periods, please call us on 03000 200 190, and we will be happy to help.

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