DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

Care Check is a leading umbrella body for the Disclosure and Barring Service and has been named one of the top 8 providers for criminal record checks in the UK.

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DBS Checks For Online Tutors

DBS Checks for Online Tutors

As schools remain closed, many parents are looking for alternative options to ensure their children continue to receive lessons. While some parents have taken up home schooling as a full time job, many of them are still working and do not have the time to teach their children.

The uncertainty of not knowing when things will return to normal has seen many parents turn to online tutors. To meet the current demand, a lot of tutors are now supporting schools, parents and local authorities by keeping students engaged in their educational provisions through online lessons.

Although this shift entails adopting a whole new approach to teaching and learning, safeguarding children’s well-being has remained of paramount importance. With stringent DBS requirements in place for those working in education, parents and potential tutors are wondering how these norms apply in the current environment.

Whether you’re looking to hire an online tutor, or you want to start your own tuition business, here’s what you need to know about DBS checks. 

What is a DBS check?

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check helps employers to make safe recruitment decisions by providing information on an individual’s criminal history. Depending on the level of check, a DBS certificate can reveal details about unspent convictions, reprimands, Barred Lists checks and Local Police checks. 

Do private tutors need DBS checks? 

Unlike teachers, who are required by law to get an Enhanced DBS Check, the British Government does not require tutors to undergo a DBS check. However, if you’re interested in becoming a tutor, you should consider getting this certificate if you want to foster trust and avoid being seen with skepticism. The DBS will work in your favour, acting as proof that you have a clean record and that you do not pose a danger to children. 

At present, the lack of regulations regarding DBS checks for private tutors is viewed as a dangerous loophole by a number of organisations including the Tutors’ Association, the NSPCC and the National Education Union (NEU). 

Can parents request their tutor undergo a DBS check?

Since private tutors are directly employed by parents, they can most certainly demand that they undergo a DBS check. Although online tutoring is generally much safer than face-to-face, most parents will still want reassurance that tutors are fit to work in their respective capacities. DBS certificates are often one of the selection criterias, so not listing one when advertising their services may well leave tutors unemployed to begin with. 

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

How long does it take to get a DBS check?

While Basic and Standard DBS checks can be cleared within a day, Enhanced checks may take up to 5 days to be completed. To avoid any delays, it’s important to provide the relevant information and disclose all previous addresses, including convictions. Once the check has been completed, it can take up to 14 days for the certificate to arrive. 

How much does a DBS check cost?

The average costs of a DBS certificate will vary, based on which level of check you want to secure. For example, you can get an Enhanced DBS Check for as little as £46, with VAT and admin fees included. 

How to get a DBS check

While you can apply individually for a basic DBS check, it is advisable to match the same requirements classroom teachers do and get an Enhanced DBS Check. To obtain this certificate, you can only apply  through a listed provider or an organisation you work with.

Need Help?

Care Check can apply for a DBS check on behalf of your tuition business. We are a leading umbrella body for the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), being named one of the top 10 providers for criminal record checks in the UK. 

Once applied for, 62% of all Enhanced DBS Checks that go through us are completed within just 24 hours. 85% of all checks are completed within just 5 days. Register your organisation for free and start processing your DBS checks immediately.

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