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Limited Range Establishments

Working In The Limited Range Of Establishments

Most people know that you are required to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check if you do a regulated activity or work with children. However, if you do not fall into either of these categories or meet the requirements, you may still need to get a DBS Check. 

This would be based on your place of work, more specifically, if you work in any one of the limited range of establishments as set out by the UK government. But what exactly are these establishments, and how does one determine whether they qualify to undergo a DBS Check? We answer these questions and more below. 

What regulated activities qualify for a DBS Check?

According to the Department of Education, these include unsupervised activities such as teaching, instructing, training, caring for or supervising children, or driving a vehicle only for children. 

Should you be engaged in any one of these activities, then you will be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check as well as a check against the Children’s Barred List. However, even if you aren’t doing a regulated activity, you may still be required to get an Enhanced Check. 

You will have to obtain a DBS Check if you are frequently working for a limited range of establishments where you may potentially come into contact with children. 

What are the limited range of establishments?

Also known as ‘specified places’, these establishments are a group of institutions set out by the government. If an individual finds themselves working at any one of these institutions and meet the required hours of work, then they will need to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check

These limited range of establishments include:

  • Schools and pupil referral units
  • Nursery schools
  • Detention institutions for children
  • Children’s homes
  • Child centres
  • Childcare premises

While there is a list of specified places for children, there isn’t one for vulnerable adults. However, employees who regularly work at care homes, hospitals or medical centres may still be eligible for a DBS Check too. 

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

How ‘frequent’ is frequent work at a specified place?

Now, if you work in one of the limited establishments listed above, you will need to obtain a DBS Check if you meet the stipulated frequency requirements, which are:

  • Working one or more days a week or working more than three days within a month (30-day) period. 
  • Working overnight (2 am – 6 am) where an individual may find themselves interacting with children. 

This means that anyone working in a limited range establishment in a full or part-time capacity will have to get an Enhanced DBS Check and be checked against the Children’s Barred List. This includes all roles in these institutions, such as teachers, administrative, financial and cleaning staff. 

However, individuals working on a contractual basis, such as a photographer, will only be eligible for such a check if they meet the frequency requirements. It is important to note that this time limit is applicable to all establishments. So should a photographer find themselves working at a school for two days and three nurseries over three days (within a 30-day period), they will need to do a DBS Check. 

Are there any other DBS Checks you should get?

Based on the information above, you will need to get an Enhanced DBS Check with a check against the Children’s Barred List if you meet the criteria. In other cases, you will likely need to consult the organisation or regulatory board in charge of the place of work. 

Summary: Working In A Limited Range Of Establishments

These limited ranges of establishments refer to certain places where individuals may come into contact with children. To protect their well-being, individuals will have to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check and a check against the Children’s Barred List, should they meet certain requirements. 
At Care Check, we are a leading DBS processing company. Should you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

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