DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

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DBS Announce Digital ID Verification For Criminal Record Checks

Over the last 20 years the Disclosure and Barring Service have had the same ID guidelines in place for checking an applicant’s identity. These processes were, of course, acceptable some years ago, but in a transitional world where technology is dominant, the existing rules have become antiquated and somewhat logistically impossible. 

Currently all applicants applying for a DBS check must have original documents checked by the organisation that requested the check. Covid rules do allow copies and video calls to take place, but, in all cases, an original should be seen periodically during the recruitment process. Additionally, the documents accepted for a DBS check have become obsolete. For example, bank statements and utility bills must be sent in the post and cannot be online copies. Research shows that 70% of banking customers opt for online statements and many utility customers receive their bills and statements in the same way. This results in applicants struggling to provide enough ID when applying for a DBS Check.

On the 17th January 2022 the government made an announcement regarding certified digital identity providers being used DBS Checks. This has resulted in the Disclosure and Barring service working collectively with the Department of Culture and the Home office to create its guidance requirements for digital identity verification across all DBS Checks.

What is Digital ID and a Digital Identity?

A digital ID is a digital representation of who you are and it can be used during interactions and transactions. Because it is digital it can be used online or in person. A digital ID lets a person store pieces of personal information about themselves such as legal name, date of birth, address and their right to work and this information can then be shared with prospective employers and organisations when carrying out things such as ID checks. 

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

How will the introduction of Digital ID make the DBS process easier?

Currently an applicant must send documents to their employers and then have all original documents checked, however, when using a digital ID the whole DBS application process can be carried out online. In addition, the issues that arise from applicants not receiving documents such as bank statements and utility bills in the post are discarded. Digital ID should make the whole processes of applying for a DBS check easier and quicker for both applicants and employers.

What will happen next?

Over the coming months, digital ID providers will be chosen by umbrella bodies, like Care Check, to become integrated within our systems so digital ID verification can be utilised by the employers and charities that use our system. When integration commences, we will inform Care Check’s clients and provide more information about the process.

Will an applicant be able to apply for a DBS using the existing process?

Any applicant or employer who wants to carry on using the existing ID guidelines can do so, and, in some cases, may have to continue with this format. Both options will be available for our clients so if an applicant does not want to create a digital ID they are under no pressure to do so whilst still being able to apply for a DBS.

If you have any questions regarding the introduction of Digital ID, please do not hesitate to contact Care Check on 0333 777 8575. Care Check is an approved Umbrella Body with the DBS processing Basic, Standard and Enhanced checks for employers and charities.

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