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DBS Checks in Pharmacies

Knowing who is eligible for each level of DBS check can be difficult to work out, especially in a pharmacy. Our team is often asked about DBS checks in pharmacies, who is eligible, and what part of the roles makes them require a DBS check.

Read on below to find out which of your team are eligible for DBS checks in pharmacies, and what level of check they require.

Read on to find out which employees are eligible for DBS checks in pharmacies, and what sort of check they should have.

Different Levels of Check

There are three different levels of DBS check on pharmacy staff available: Basic, Standard and Enhanced. Here’s a quick reminder of what each check The Disclosure and Barring Service reveals:

  • A Basic DBS check will reveal unspent convictions or conditional cautions of an applicant.
  • A Standard DBS check reveals any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings the applicant has.
  • An Enhanced DBS check reveals the same information as a Standard check, but also information held on the applicant’s local police force. An enhanced check can also include a check of the appropriate barred list (children’s or adult’s). 

Each level of DBS certificate has its own set of eligibility requirements, so it’s important to check to see if the role of the employee meets the requirements of the check in question before sending the application.

Regulated Activity and the Barred Lists

The children’s and adult’s barred lists are held by the DBS and feature details of individuals who are barred from working with children and adults.

When an applicant requires an Enhanced DBS check, the applicant’s details will be checked against one or both of these lists. To be eligible for a barred list check, their role must involve regulated activity with adults and/or children.

What is Regulated Activity?

Regulated activity refers to a certain list of roles and responsibilities that involve contact with vulnerable adults or children.

We have a full guide on what constitutes regulated activity for children and adults, so you know if the applicant is eligible for the check.

DBS Checks For Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

For every person who is working as a pharmacist or as a pharmacy technician, it is an NHS regulatory requirement to register with the General Pharmaceutical Council. This means they are classed as a healthcare professional, therefore eligible for an Enhanced DBS check for a check of both the adults’ and children’s barred lists.

Any person employed as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician will engage in regulated activity as they provide healthcare for adults and children.

DBS Checks for Dispensers and General Pharmacy Assistants

When analysing dispenser and general pharmacy assistant roles and DBS checks, the picture becomes a little complicated. 

If a dispenser or general pharmacy assistant supervises, on a daily basis, someone who is completing regulated activity with children, or vulnerable adults, they are eligible for the same type of check as the person they are supervising.

Dispensers and general pharmacy assistants who aren’t supervising staff but do provide advice for adults and children on their healthcare, over three times in a 30-day period, are eligible for an Enhanced check with a check on the children’s barred list only.

DBS Checks for Other Employees in Pharmacies

Anyone working in a role in a pharmacy that has the potential for regular contact with people who are receiving healthcare is eligible for a Standard DBS check. 

If an employee doesn’t have the opportunity for frequent contact with people receiving healthcare, and none of the situations above apply to their role, then they can apply for a Basic DBS check. This is because Basic DBS checks carry no eligibility requirements, and anyone over the age of 16 can apply for one.

How to Apply for DBS Checks in Pharmacies

Applying for DBS checks for your pharmacy team has never been easier thanks to DBS umbrella body, Care Check. You can register and submit all applications through our online platform, where all staff can track the progress of their DBS application as it heads through the process. 

Our team is ready and waiting to support you with your applications and ensure that your team applies for the right level of DBS check.

If you need more support, get in touch with us today.