DBS Checks for Overseas Applicants: How & Where To Obtain Them

DBS Checks are a huge part of the recruitment process for a wide range of industries – think about it,  in July 2018 the Disclosure and Barring Service received over 295,301 applications alone. A DBS check on a potential employee is a crucial tool for employers, as they ensure that you’ll be making safe recruitment decisions that will safeguard your employees, business and customers. There may be an instance when you’re applying for a job in the UK from overseas, or you’re looking to hire someone who has been living in a different country; this DBS check is a process that differs from UK-based applicants. In this blog, we’ll talk about how employees can obtain a check for applicants living abroad and UK-based applicants who live overseas.

How should I carry out a DBS check for an applicant based overseas?

When it comes to giving an overseas applicant a DBS check, you should apply the same eligibility to them as you would to an applicant based in the UK, but the process for checking an overseas applicant will differ, because the check will not have the full picture of their criminal history (should they have one).

This is because the Disclosure and Barring Service does not have access to criminal records in other countries, and it’s unlikely for the UK Police National Computer to have any convictions that have happened while an applicant has lived outside the UK.

If you’re looking to employ an applicant who has recently moved to the UK, or has spent a long time living abroad, it is up to you to try and obtain a criminal record check from the countries they’ve been living in. This process will differ depending on the country, but you can find out how to get these checks from specific countries through the DBS’s list of countries from A to Z. For applicants who have lived in the UK and overseas, you should carry out a DBS check alongside the criminal checks from every other country they’ve resided.

You can find out if the prospect employee living overseas requires a DBS check through the government’s eligibility guidelines. If the applicant meets the criteria, it is your responsibility to obtain a criminal record check from those countries before they begin work.

How to DBS check a UK applicant who currently lives aboard

If you’re looking to employ someone who’s lived in the UK but is now living overseas, you should still carry out a DBS check and you can verify their ID documents through a live video link. However, you will still need to see the physical copies of the applicant’s ID so they should send them to you in the post.

Alongside this, you should bear in mind that if overseas applicants do need a DBS check, the recruitment decision must be made in the UK.

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