DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

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DBS Checks For Cleaners

There is an extensive list of occupations that require a DBS check. The safeguarding of the most vulnerable members of society is important across every industry, and it’s now synonymous with DBS checking. It’s also very important to get a background check on anyone who will be in a role that involves going into people’s homes, offices, healthcare facilities and schools. That is why DBS checks for cleaners have to be carried out.

What is a DBS Check?

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check disclosed any criminal records for the individual in question. With this disclosure, people/employers can make more informed decisions on who is hired based on their criminal record. This check is very important when selecting from candidates for roles involving children (schools, nurseries, childcare) and vulnerable adults (hospitals and care homes).

Asking if a cleaner has a valid DBS check is an acceptable question during the process of hiring a trustworthy cleaning company for workspace or home. If all cleaners are DBS checked, it adds peace of mind for both the cleaning company and its clients.

Why should cleaners get a DBS Check?

Alongside providing all customers with peace of mind, any cleaning company or agency should hire people it can trust to represent their business as they travel to cleaning jobs. The reputation of the company is on the line with every job.

Good cleaning companies will know that they could be offered work in locations that require more reassurance on the people they will let on the premises, especially where children or vulnerable adults are going to be around. This means the cleaning company should be upfront about DBS checks for employees at all times and should be able to provide the information if/when potential customers request it.

However, there are rules that dictate what levels of DBS check a cleaner is eligible for before taking on a role.

DBS Checks for Self-Employed Cleaners (Domestic Cleaners)

If you are looking to get a background check on a self-employed cleaner who will work in your home on a weekly basis, it’s unlikely you’d be able to get one yourself. The cleaner, if self-employed, can request a basic DBS check for individuals, which discloses any unspent convictions they have.

The exception to this rule is if the cleaner is hired to complete other duties in the home, including personal care of a vulnerable adult (such as an elderly relative) or looking after children. This could mean they are eligible for an enhanced DBS check, which their agency can apply for on their behalf.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

Cleaners in Care Homes, Hospitals and Schools

Most roles in care homes, hospitals and schools need a level of DBS checking, because cleaners will be placed onwards, cleaning operating theatres and entering classrooms and have contact with vulnerable groups. The type of DBS check allowed will depend on the exact role in question. 

School cleaners usually work in the evening when the children are long off the premises, meaning only a basic disclosure is required. However, after-school clubs do take place, which increases the likelihood of a cleaner coming into contact with a child. Schools should put the right safety measures in place to ensure contact is avoided. 

Conversely, a cleaner on hospital wards will be there all day and will come into contact with children and vulnerable adults, so they could be eligible for a standard or enhanced DBS check with a children’s barring list if applicable.

Care Homes, Schools and hospitals are hiring individuals in these roles regularly, so they can advise applicants on the type of check that will be expected of them.

Cleaners in retail, office, industrial and warehouse space

Cleaners working in environments where there is no opportunity for contact with vulnerable groups are eligible to have a Basic DBS Check. More and more employers are opting to check their staff at a Basic level as part of their own recruitment process to safeguard their business and property. Basic level checks are extremely quick and easy to obtain and if an employer wishes to request them they can in any situation with the applicant’s permission.

Cleaners from Overseas

Many staff employed as cleaners in hospitals, schools, offices or homes may have recently arrived in the UK. This is because the role requires little training and communication to do a good job. These applicants may be required to contact the police in their country of origin to get a police certificate, which is equivalent to a DBS. Every country has different laws for releasing this information and the time it takes to process also varies, so should be taken into account.

Whether you’re a cleaning company with a team of cleaners who need DBS checks, an employer who recruits their own cleaning team or are self-employed, the team at Care Check are here to help you with your DBS checks. If you’re unsure of the type of check your team needs, we’re also here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch with the experts at Care Check today to get started.

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