Barring police liaison

Barring police liaison

The DBS have revealed that the Barring Police Liaison Team can now identity individuals who have committed crimes such as working whilst barred.

Firstly, an offence will be identified and then the team prepare evidential information whilst working with the Fraud Team and share these findings with the police. This pack contains important information that will assist them in important investigations to safeguard the public.

These barring ‘evidential bundles ‘ are used in such cases where:

  1. an individual who is barred continues to work or seek employment
  2. some one may have DBS related offences such as forged DBS letters or certificates
  3. there are police investigations into criminal offences against children or vulnerable adults, such as historical allegations of sexual abuse by teachers against pupils.

The DBS even reported that there are over 100 breach of bar offences to the police each year, however, the rate of successful convictions has risen from 20% in 2012 to 50% in 2016. Sentences imposed for these crimes can include community payback or fines to imprisonment.

Concurrently, the DBS have also helped to convict the employers who have failed to maintain appropriate recruitment and vetting procedures and hired a barred person. In one instance a barred individual was appointed to a role in domiciliary care. This gave them the opportunity to commit further offences.

Many individuals choose to forge DBS letters.  The usual occurrences are certificates where the convictions have been removed and feigned letters supposedly from the DBS that state they have agreed to remove cautions/convictions from a certificate.

Legislative powers enable the DBS to provide information to support police investigations and are seen as vital in the successful prosecution of historical sexual offences against children, in schools and care homes. The information which the DBS hold provide direct links between the offender and the victims and they have stated that sentences can result in imprisonment of up to 20 years

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