DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

Care Check is a leading umbrella body for the Disclosure and Barring Service and has been named one of the top 8 providers for criminal record checks in the UK.

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Can You Fast-Track A DBS Check?

Whilst obtaining a DBS check should be a straight-forward and quick process, there are sometimes factors which delay a DBS check. Within the UK, London is a city where DBS checks typically take slightly longer to complete – possibly due to the number of applications made on behalf of prospective employees.

Care Check obtain 65% of Enhanced and Standard DBS Checks back within 24 hours, 85% within 5 days. And get 90% of Basic DBS Checks back within 24 hours. However, for anyone whose DBS application requires additional work by local police forces, these may be subject to delays. We’ll discuss ways to speed up your DBS check and how the waiting period can affect the nature of your imminent job.


Can I Start Work While Waiting for a DBS Check?

Although there is no specific law that prevents employers from allowing successful candidates to start their new role while waiting to obtain their DBS certificate, there are certain regulations and employment contract terms that may affect this.

If your job is subject to regulations from an umbrella organisation or regulatory body, such as the NHS, then their general policy may affect when future employees can start new employment. Smaller organisations may be less restrictive in allowing employees to begin working before the DBS certificate is received.

It’s nevertheless worth noting that they are not under any obligation to do so, and all companies can specify within employment contracts that you cannot commence paid employment until the DBS check is complete.

It’s therefore in every candidate’s best interest to confirm their new employer’s recruitment policy in relation to DBS checks. For standard and enhanced DBS checks, which are organised by employers, the chosen candidate should ensure they provide the necessary paperwork as soon as possible. If the applicant has been asked to apply directly for a basic DBS check as part of the process, they should ensure they do so in a timely manner.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

Restricted Responsibilities

If an employer agrees to a candidate starting their position before the DBS have finished running checks, then they may do so on the condition that they only complete limited duties within the role. For example, a nurse in a care home may not be permitted to implement personal care, such as dressing patients, or have unsupervised contact until a valid DBS certificate is obtained. While awaiting the results of a comprehensive DBS check, adults working in the care sector may be required to obtain a DBS Adult First check, which ensures they aren’t banned from working with vulnerable adults and allows those who pass the check to commence supervised work in the meantime.

It’s likely that regardless of whether restricted duties are permitted prior to obtaining the DBS certificate, jobs will be considered to be temporary until the DBS check is complete and the conditions for permanent employment have been met. Some roles may also specify that the role is unpaid until the status of the DBS check is established.

How to Speed up a DBS Check

Whilst there isn’t currently a specific option available to speed up the DBS process, there are certain steps that can be taken to try and speed up the stages of getting a DBS check completed.

Ensure that prospective employees organise their documentation beforehand: the candidate’s passport and a recent bank statement or utility bill will be needed to confirm their identity and provide proof of address.
Check the accuracy of all related forms before submitting them: If certain information is incorrect, this will lead to applications being held up.

Care Check emphasises cost-effective and time-efficient DBS checks. Contact us to find out how you could join 65% of our clients who have all obtained completed DBS checks within just 24 hours. 85% in 5 days.

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