Fast Track Emergency DBS Checks

Fast-track emergency DBS checks for the adults’ and children’s barred lists will be provided free of charge to all healthcare and social care workers being recruited to support the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Fast Track

The revision in the application process will allow organisations to recruit the vital staff needed to work in regulated activity with adults and children in the fight against the current pandemic. However, please ensure that appropriate measures are applied in managing the individual pending the full DBS check clearance.

This service will commence from March 30th and will be free of charge, but the administration fee will still apply as normal. All applications submitted before this date will not be included in this service.

enhanced dbs checks

Please ensure all organisations consider the following points before accessing the fast-track emergency service:

Around 95 per cent of all Enhanced with Barred list checks have no information included on them.

Only 0.02 per cent Enhanced with Barred list checks state that the person is on a barred list.

If the individual you are recruiting has had an Enhanced with Barred list check within the last three years for the same workforce, please consider whether you can use the same check to determine suitability for this role.

If the person you are recruiting for this emergency role has a subscription with the Update Service, please assess the suitability of the applicant from their current DBS with Barred list and a check on the Update Service.

Applying for the COVID-19 Fast track applications

Enhanced applications will continue through the usual channel, however, the application form will have some modifications and organisations should please consider the following changes:

Step 1

The ‘position applied for’ section should include ‘COVID’ alongside the usual workforce and job title information. The information can appear in any order (for example, ‘COVID’, WORKFORCE AND JOB TITLE)

Step 2

When asked ‘are you entitled to know whether the applicant is barred from working with children?’, please PLACE AN X IN THE YES BOX.


When asked, ‘are you entitled to know whether the applicant is barred from working with children?’, please PLACE AN X IN THE YES BOX.

Step 4

When asked ‘is this application for a free of charge volunteer?’, please PLACE AN X IN THE YES BOX.

Please can all organisations remember that the emergency applications MUST be submitted as a volunteer application in order to be processed as free-of-charge. The DBS are unable to issue refunds to applications that have not be categorised as a volunteer.


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