DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

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Do Hairdressers Need DBS Checks?

As a hairdresser, you’ll find yourself working with people of all ages – children, adults and the elderly. However, does this mean that you need to obtain a DBS Check to work? Keep reading to find out what DBS Check you may need in this profession. 

What is a DBS Check & what types do you get? 

A DBS check is a criminal background check that highlights whether you have any convictions against your name. Employers often use it to determine if someone is a good candidate for a job, or it’s used by authoritative bodies to determine whether your application should be approved. There are three levels of DBS checks, each of which highlights a certain level of convictions. 

Basic checks

This check will show whether an individual has any unspent conditions and/or conditional cautions. Individuals who are 16 years of age or older can apply for this check themselves for any position. 

Standard checks

This shows everything that comes up in a basic DBS check as well as any spent convictions, reprimands, warnings or cautions. 


Standard Checks are required only for specific roles, professions and activities. Individuals are unable to apply for this level of DBS Check themselves; their employer will have to submit the application on their behalf. 

Enhanced checks

This is the highest level check that can be conducted. These checks highlight all the information seen in standard checks as well as any other relevant information held on file by police and whether an individual is barred from working with vulnerable people such as children or the elderly. 


Like the standard check, Enhanced checks are only required for certain roles, activities and professions and an employer will need to submit the application. 

Do hairdressers or salon staff need to get a DBS Check? 

Generally, hairdressers and salon staff will only need to obtain a basic DBS Check. This applies to both employed and self-employed hairdressers. However, there are some situations where they may be required to get a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check, such as those who work in care homes.

DBS Checks & Criminal Record Checks

Do hairdressers working with children need a DBS Check? 

Hairdressers will often find themselves cutting children’s hair. However, they generally won’t have to obtain a standard or enhanced DBS Check. This is due to the fact that children are almost always accompanied by a parent, guardian or carer. 

Even if a child (someone under the age of 18) is not accompanied by a parent or carer, the hairdresser will still not require a Standard or Enhanced check as responsibility still lies with the parent or guardian of that child. 

Do hairdressers working in care homes need a DBS Check? 

Generally, a hairdresser will only ever be eligible for a basic DBS Check. However, in certain circumstances, they may be eligible for an Enhanced level check without barring lists. 

If a hairdresser goes into an establishment such as a care home more than 3 days in a 30-day period, then they would require and be eligible for an enhanced DBS check without a barring list check. This is due to hairdressing being cosmetic and therefore not falling into the definition of regulated activity. If the hairdresser is not entering the care home(s) as frequently as this, then they would only require a basic level DBS check. 

For example, if a hairdresser goes to a care home to give haircuts to residents (for beauty or cosmetic reasons) less than once a week or three times in a month, then the services they render will not be considered to be regulated activities. Therefore, they would only need to complete a Basic DBS Check

Should a hairdresser frequent a care home more than the aforementioned times, then they will be required to undergo an Enhanced DBS Check without a barring list. The same would be true if a hairdresser visited a care home or hospital in order to provide haircuts to patients or other hair treatments for healthcare reasons. 


Hairdressers generally will only be required to complete a Basic DBS Check during their career. However, this may change if they provide their services to vulnerable adults residing in care homes or hospitals – this will depend on the circumstances. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we’ll help in any way we can.

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