Scammers Target Emergency NHS Volunteers Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Scammers Take Advantage of NHS Volunteers Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus is affecting everyone globally. As a nation, we need to be kind, help others and follow the Government’s advice to ‘stay home’.

NHS Volunteers DBS Checks

Emergency NHS volunteers are being drafted in to support the overwhelming volume of patients flooding the hospitals and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) have announced that they will be fast-tracking emergency DBS checks for COVID-19 workers free of charge.

However, in times such as these, there will always be those mercenary scammers who want to cash in from a crisis.

The NHS revealed today that over 170,000 people have signed up overnight to be NHS voluntary responders.

However, Care Check have received numerous calls today from concerned health workers who have been charged up to £100.00 by companies offering a fast track criminal record check.

Regrettably, these companies are scam artists and are only providing Basic level checks. This level does not cover the Adult and Child Barred lists and will prevent people from volunteering.


Enhanced DBS Checks Are Only Available Through Employers

Please be advised that Enhanced level checks cannot be obtained as an individual; an employer would normally complete an application on behalf of an applicant. If a person can obtain an Enhanced level check without an employer, then they are being scammed.

Care Check would like to advise any volunteer looking for an emergency DBS check for the purpose of helping with COVID-19 to wait until they have been recruited by the NHS to be instructed on how to obtain their DBS check.

Conversely, if anyone requires a Basic level check, they can go directly to the DBS and obtain one for £23.00 – please be aware that you do not need to pay more than this amount. Companies that are charging much higher prices hold astronomical admin fees so please be vigilant.

If you are an organisation looking to recruit volunteers or paid workers and need Basic, Standard or Enhanced level DBS checks, then please contact Care Check on 0333 777 8575 or via email: