DBS Checks for schools

Schools need to know the types of checks they require for their teaching and support staff. At Care Check we can provide you with the information you may require. If you have any questions, please call us today!

DBS Checks For Schools

Enhanced DBS Checks for Schools

For schools, DBS checks for teachers is vital to the safeguarding of children in their care. No matter the position a person holds within a school, a DBS certificate is required before they start their role.

Before, all teaching and non-teaching staff would get a CRB check prior to starting a role within a school. CRB checks were replaced by the Disclosure and Barring Service in 2012.

The quickest and best way to ensure all your staff are up-to-date with their DBS disclosures is to enlist Care Check to support your applications.

It’s recommended that schools have Enhanced DBS Checks carried out for all staff, both teaching and non-teaching, paid and voluntary roles. The enhanced check gives you a complete disclosure into the history of an applicant including:

  • Cautions
  • Warnings
  • Convictions
  • Reprimands
  • Information if they’re on the barred list for children and adults
  • Local Police information on the applicant

For more information on the types of check of available, Care Check can explain the levels of check to you.

Who needs a DBS check in schools?

If a person is going to work in a school, they will require a criminal record check regardless of the job role. This is because they’ll be working in an environment with a vulnerable group.


Teachers working in education are required to have an Enhanced DBS check with barred list check to ensure they are allowed to work with children. This type of check will reveal any spent or unspent convictions, cautions or reprimands the applicant has. 

Ensuring children and young people are safe is the most important factor for any school, therefore schools must adhere to a strict recruitment procedure to assist them in identifying any applicant who is not suitable to work with children. 

Teaching Assistants

Despite a teaching assistant not having the same responsibility as a teacher, they will still be supporting the children and will therefore require an Enhanced check regulated to work with children.

School Governors

School governors are required by law to carry out an Enhanced DBS check and the school where they govern would have to request the disclosure for the individual. The check would require regulated activity with children because they are still deemed as a vulnerable group.

DBS checks for supply teachers

Supply teachers would need to apply for a DBS for working with children even though they aren’t permanent members of staff. As they will still be teaching and having contact with children, the same rules apply as permanent staff. All teachers will need an Enhanced check regulated against the child barred list.

Do volunteers need a DBS check to work in a school?

Yes. Despite whether a person is getting paid for work or not, if they are to be assisting children of any sort they will still need the Enhanced level DBS check which must be regulated with children.

What is a List 99 Check?

With the fast-paced nature of education, schools may need to fill teaching positions at short notice. The Department for Education (DFE) introduced a List 99 check. This list is maintained by the DBS which shows any person barred from working with children. This type of barred lists check allows a person to work within the school while their Enhanced DBS check is completed.

A Summary of DBS Checks in Education

DBS Checks in education is an essential safeguarding tool to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. If a person is to work in a nursery, school or college, they will require an enhanced DBS and a child barred list check regardless of their role, as they will be working in an environment with vulnerable people.

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