How Would You Know If You Need A DBS Check?

With the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, the level of information that an applicant or employee needs to disclose is being restricted even if there is no specific restriction on an employer seeking voluntary disclosure from them. That said, DBS is formulated in order for the law to set a balance between rehabilitating individuals with criminal records and the need for disclosure to prevent wrongdoings in specific professions or to protect certain groups of people who may be vulnerable. Its three key functions are:

  • To check if someone has a criminal record or if there is any evidence that suggests they aren’t suitable to work in the role for which they have applied for.
  • To keep a record of anyone judged unbefitting to work with vulnerable groups.
  • To take a recommendation from organisations who are worries that someone who has not been assessed as such, is a risk or deemed unsuitable for certain roles.

Because it is not always clear who needs a DBS check and who doesn’t, it is a good question to ask how would you know if you need one.

If you are working with or around vulnerable groups, including children, this procedure is definitely necessary but it is also worth noting that not every job position requires a DBS check so the process will depend on individual roles.

Here are three of most common sectors that require their employees and applicants to have a DBS check:

  • Children’s homes – this includes carers and social workers
  • Hospitals – a DBS check is required for all medical professionals including hospital administrative workers who handle sensitive information
  • Schools – teachers, teaching assistants and even sports coaches are also subjected to a DBS check

Other professions that will also need a DBS check include barristers, lawyers, veterinary surgeons accountants and even volunteers.

If you already have an existing DBS certificate from a previous role, your prospective employer might accept it as long as they :

  • guarantee your identity matches the one on the certificate
  • check that the certificate is the right level for the job you are applying for
  • check whether you are signed up for the DBS update service or whether there have been any changes since the certificate was issued

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