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How Do DBS Checks Benefit Employers

Every  business owner or hiring manager should consider putting all of their candidates through a DBS  check during  the hiring process. While many CEOs, MDs and owners may view DBS checks on potential employees as an unnecessary expense and another job on the list,  these checks ultimately protect your business. It’s important to remember that basic disclosures are not role specific and can be used for any role, and choosing to utilise these checks comes with many benefits. From making your recruitment much safer to protecting your business, find out just how many advantages there are from performing Basic Disclosure Checks on your colleagues.

Greater customer service

If you require employees to have a customer or client facing role, undertaking a basic disclosure checks will ensure that vulnerable people and children are protected. For some, their previous convictions might mean they have difficulty being in a customer facing role – their talent will be better utilised elsewhere within the business. DBS checks mean happy employees and happy customers.

Increased trust for employees 

If a boss doesn’t trust their employees or employees do not trust their managers, it can make a working relationship incredibly difficult to manage. When you roll out DBS checks on your employees, you’ll have much more transparency and confidence that they can do the job they’ve been hired for, without having a negative impact on the day to day running of the business. 

Added layer of protection 

While business owners can’t protect themselves against everything, basic disclosures give you that added layer of protection. Whilst highly unlikely, theft or violence from an employee will be drastically minimised if you’ve performed a basic check. Alongside this, if you’re ever in a position where you’re up against legal action, you can prove that you’ve followed protocol and have taken out checks on all of your colleagues. 

Perception of your brand 

Every business owner needs to prove to their client base that they’re dedicated to providing the best service to their customers. When you undertake basic checks, you’re sending this message to all of your employees, and ensuring that they fit the bill.

Tips for business owners performing checks  – Do and Don’t

  • Honesty is the best policy – tell every prospective employee when you’ll be performing checks and what type of checks they’ll be. 
  • Ensuring you’re being GDPR compliant when handling prospective and current employee’s criminal records.
  • Understand if your business sits within a category that’s able to refuse employment based on an individual with a spent conviction. 
  • Take time to understand the nature of a criminal conviction in relation to the role – don’t have a blanket dismissal policy.
  • If an employee voluntarily discloses a previous conviction, do not immediately dismiss  them. If this conviction falls under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and you dismiss them, you’re at risk of being fined. 
  • Do not stipulate that the employee must take out a SAR (subject access request) in order to get the job. This is an offence under the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you are recruiting new candidates and need to carry out DBS checks beforehand, then register with Care Check today. From small businesses to large groups and charities, we are adept at obtaining all levels of DBS checks no matter what the industry. Contact us today for more information.