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What’s Changing for Enhanced DBS Check Applications?

From the 1st August 2019, changes to the Enhanced DBS Check application process will come into effect. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) announced these upcoming revisions on the website, and it will impact both applicants and Registered Bodies.

What changes are being made to Enhanced DBS Checks?

After August, the DBS will no longer be able to edit or amend enhanced DBS applications that have been submitted with incorrect or missing information. This means that the incorrect application will need to be withdrawn and a new one submitted. The following areas of the application will be impacted:  

  • Section C – 5 year address history (for applicants)
  • Question X61 – Position applied for (for registered bodies)
  • Question X66 – Home-based checks (for registered bodies)

How will these changes impact applicants and registered bodies?

Should an enhanced DBS application be submitted with the wrong or sans information, it will be withdrawn. However, a refund will not be given – applicants and registered bodies will have to pay for a new enhanced DBS check.

The DBS will not be able to amend applications where the five-year address history has been entered incompletely or incorrectly.

All addresses where the applicant has resided, in the last five years must be declared when applying for an Enhanced DBS Check.

If an application is found to have any of this address information missing, then it will be withdrawn and a new application will need to be submitted.

What do these changes mean in practice?

For both registered bodies and applicants, these changes mean that ensuring your enhanced DBS application is correct is more important than ever before. As long as you double check everything on your application and ensure it’s correct, there shouldn’t be any issues with your application. When filling out an enhanced DBS check, it’s crucial that you try and avoid making mistakes or errors – it will cost you both time and money.

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