The Covid-19 pandemic has affected thousands of businesses across the UK; many people have lost their jobs and their livelihood while employment vacancies have significantly reduced. However, some companies have experienced a recruitment boom with doorstep delivery and hygiene products in more demand than ever.
During lockdown, the UK came to a standstill, but online retailer Amazon ‘opened 15,000 new full and part-time positions and delivery driver jobs’, according to The Guardian and delivery courier Hermes created 10,000 jobs after online shopping soared.
Supermarkets have also had to recruit more staff, including delivery drivers, due to demand for online food orders escalating when Boris Johnson told the UK to ‘stay home’ in March.

Do delivery drivers require a DBS check?

The need for more drivers has seen a rise in the number of DBS checks being processed across multiple sectors as services move online. However, is a DBS check required for all driver roles?
In short, no, not all driver roles require a DBS. However, an employer can request any delivery driver to have a Basic DBS check as part of their recruitment policy. This is the lowest level of check and only assess any unspent convictions. However, depending on the responsibilities of the role, an enhanced check may be required.

Basic DBS or Enhanced DBS

While not all drivers require a DBS check, it is largely dependent on their working environment as to which level of DBS can be requested. For example, to obtain a license to operate as a taxi driver, licensing authorities are eligible to request an Enhanced DBS check with both barring lists. Some drivers who have specific contracts for home to school contracts may also have another check carried out as Enhanced, child workforce, child regulated.

Alternatively, if you are a bus driver, then only a Basic DBS check is required unless, of course, the bus is being used specifically for school children, in which case an Enhanced level check is necessary.
Any other drivers that may be conveying vulnerable individuals between places where they receive healthcare arranged by a third party would also need to hold an Enhanced DBS with a barring list check.

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