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DBS ID Verification changes announced due to COVID-19

DBS ID Verification Changes Announced Due to COVID-19

The rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) should not be underestimated; Its effect is global and has already significantly impacted the economy. People are justifiably concerned about their jobs, including those who are waiting to start new employment.

Current measures enforced by the government have caused problems for many organisations required to process criminal record checks and are unable to follow the correct DBS ID checking guidance.

Currently, when validating identification, the procedure takes place on a face-to-face basis with a live video link alternative option. The ID checker must physically possess the original documents so these can be authenticated.

The UK has been advised that, where possible, people should work from home, but consequently, receiving the physical documents has proved challenging. This has created a ripple effect by delaying applications and, in some cases, preventing applications from being submitted.

To ensure that the necessary DBS checks can be processed, the DBS Standard and Enhanced ID checking guidance will temporarily change to accommodate these unexpected circumstances.

The amended ID changes will enable:

  1. ID documents to be viewed over video link
  2. Scanned images to be used prior to the DBS check being submitted.

However, the original ID documents MUST be presented by the applicant when they first attend their employment or volunteering role.

* Please note that all Basic level applications are not included in this temporary ID revision, however, this may be reviewed at a later stage and Care Check will inform organisations accordingly.

Care Check chose to forgo the original paper route to process DBS applications in favour of an online system. It has not only eliminated errors and sped up application turnaround times, but all information is safe and protected on the E-Bulk system. Due to the current global circumstances, online DBS applications are more necessary than ever and Care Check would like to assure all applicants that their DBS checks will be processed as normal.

What are the benefits of using an online DBS application process?

  • Speed – 60% of Enhanced DBS Checks and Standard Checks completed within 24 hours end to end, 85% within 5 days. 90%of Basic DBS checks within 24 hours.
  • Error Elimination – The system will now allow applicants to make mistakes on their application forms saving time on processing and administration.
  • Certificate Return – Unlike paper applications, the employer/voluntary organisation will get an electronic result before the applicant receives their paper certificate meaning they can get the applicant into work immediately.

For any enquiries relating to this issue, please do not hesitate to contact Care Check via, the chat system or telephone 0333 777 8575.