DBS Checks for IT Professionals

While most employers and the general public are familiar with the rules regarding DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks for those working with vulnerable adults and children, the rules vary depending on the sector an individual works in. 

In this blog, we’re focusing on individuals who are working in the information technology sector, so you know everything about DBS checks for IT professionals.

Types of DBS Checks

There are three main levels of DBS Checks in the UK. It’s vital that all employers know the differences between each type of check to see which DBS certificate their employees are eligible for.

Basic DBS Check

A basic DBS check is the lowest level of check and is available for all employers and individuals in the UK. A basic disclosure examines a person’s criminal history, including unspent convictions and cautions that are found in the Police National Computer (PNC). 


Standard DBS Check

Only employers can request standard checks on behalf of one or more of their employees. At this level, the applicant has a criminal records check but also includes final warnings and reprimands that a person has to their name.


Enhanced DBS Check

Similar to the standard DBS check, an enhanced check is only available to employers who request it on eligible roles on the applicant’s behalf. This check includes all the information of the standard DBS check, but also takes into account any local Police information relevant to the role in question. It also checks the DBS Children’s Barred List and the DBS Adult Barred List. This ensures the person can work in a role that includes regulated activity with children and/or vulnerable adults.

Why IT Professionals Need DBS Checks

The IT industry doesn’t have a regulatory body that governs the registration or membership of people working in IT departments for businesses or public sector organisations.

When an employer or individual working in IT requests a DBS check, once the checks are completed it is up to the employer to decide whether to hire the applicant in question. If they decide to hire somebody with a previous criminal conviction, this will usually depend on what types of relationships they will have within the company and what work they will be expected to complete.

As IT professionals are an important part of a business today, employers make the final choice on whether they can trust the applicant. In a modern setup, IT professionals could have access to sensitive information in the company in relation to staff and businesses processes. If this data is in the wrong hands, it could be very costly for a business. 

Also, IT staff are expected to help protect their employers from potential cyber attacks and if an unsuitable person is hired, they could be a backdoor for criminal activity happening on an employer’s system.

However, if you are an IT professional who will work in a school but won’t be engaging in regulated activity with children, will need a similar level check to the rest of the support staff.

Which Level of DBS Check is an IT Professional Eligible For?

The vast majority of IT professionals require a basic DBS check in any role they are applying for, if they are requested to do so. As stated above, it’s up to the prospective employer to decide whether they employ the person to the role in question or not. If a criminal conviction is found, then an employer must explore their role and decide if they are comfortable with the individual to carry out the duties of the role.

IT professionals working in schools will be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check. However, because they won’t be engaging in regulated activity with children, they aren’t eligible for barred lists checks.

DBS Checks for IT Professionals with Care Check

While Care Check doesn’t process basic DBS checks for individuals themselves, we do process them when requested by employers. Getting a DBS check is great peace of mind for employers who want to ensure that no internal threats crop up that could be detrimental to a business. This is especially true if the applicant in question has access to sensitive information in the business.

We offer competitive prices with Basic DBS Disclosures starting from as little as £28.00 depending on company volumes. We do have a full pricing information online for you to view. If you have any questions regarding DBS Checks for IT professionals, please contact us today on 0333 777 8575 or you can email us on info@carecheck.co.uk.