DBS Checks for Foster Carers


Foster carers are the epitome of generosity. They make a huge difference to children’s lives and create a positive family experience for them.


Which Level of DBS Check Do Foster Carers Require?


The DBS guideline checks for fostering can be slightly ambiguous, however,  it is compulsory for every person wanting to become a foster carer to be assessed by the local council or a foster agency. This will ascertain whether a person is suitable to to take on the role.

Once an individual has been assessed, a DBS check is vital because looking after a child is a big responsibility and the DBS check will show whether a prospective foster carer has any criminal convictions that would make them unsuitable.

Enhanced DBS Checks For Foster Carers


Anyone who works in ‘regulated activity’ with children are required to have an Enhanced DBS disclosure that checks against the child barred list (a list which shows who has been barred from working with children). Fostering is included in ‘regulated activity’ and so this level check would be required.

The Enhanced DBS checks can potentially reveal any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings. If anyone is found to be barred from working with children, then it would be illegal for them to undertake work within the aforementioned arena.

However, it is not only the foster carers that need a DBS check; any members of the fostering household aged 18 or over will also be required to have an enhanced level check including a check on the child’s barred list. This includes any members of the fostering family, friends or relatives who regularly stay overnight at the fostering household.

Although it may seem an extreme measure, it is implemented to ensure the safety of all foster children.

For more information on DBS check regulations for foster carers, please contact us on 0333 777 8575 or alternatively email us at info@carecheck.co.uk

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